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Female ex-firefighter suing Community Fire for sexual harassment.

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I recently learned that in 2013, a former female firefighter sued Community Volunteer Fire Department, Franklin Fire District No. 3 and Community Deputy Chief Herman Calvo for sexual harassment. The amended civil complaint in Courtney Jackson v. Frank Community Volunteer Fire Department, Docket No. MID-L-6111-13, is on-line here. According to the court filing, Courtney Jackson, who resides in Plainsboro, served as a volunteer at Community Fire (Station 25) from March 13, 2012 \"until her retaliatory discharge on June 24, 2013.\" Jackson said that Deputy Chief Chris Calvo sexually harassed her by making an \"obvious reference to her genitals\" during an April 2013 conversation. Jackson claims that when she told Calvo that she was going to take an SCBA face piece \"fit test,\" he told her that she was going to take a \"different test\" that he called a \"triangle test . . . to see if the carpet matches the drapes.\" Jackson also claimed that Calvo repeated said that the Boston Marathon bombing perpetrator was a \"light skinned, big tittied black girl\" so that Jackson could hear it. Jackson said that her complaint letter to the Board of Fire Commissioners complaining about the harassment was not honored because it \"was not properly formatted, and she had to rewrite it.\" She further claims that Calvo said \"I can\'t stand this f***ing bitch Courtney! This is what the world is coming to? I didn\'t like the bitch before, now I definitely don\'t like the bitch!\" She ultimately claims that her application to become a full member of the fire department was denied because she was retaliated against. Is Jackson telling the truth? Who knows? All that is known at this point is that Jackson has filed these accusation in a public forum--nothing has yet been proven. Unfortunately, the only a tiny minority of these cases actually get decided by a judge and jury at a public trial. The vast majority of them settle and the settlement agreements always claim that nobody admits to any wrongdoing. So, all we can do is wait until the case settles and then try to gauge, based on the settlement amount, the truth or falsity of Jackson\'s claims.




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New Jersey Libertarian Party Open Government Advocacy Project: Female ex-firefighter suing Community Fire for sexual harassment.. April 03, 2014.
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