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jackson@crhsd.org Please accept this e-mail/fax as my request for government records pursuant to the Open Public Records Act and the common law right of access. Please respond to this request and send all responsive documents to me at paff@pobox.com. Thank you. Background: The Board recently sent me three sets of redacted executive session minutes, which I have placed on-line here for your ready reference. This supplemental OPRA and common law request pertains only to the highlighted paragraph in the October 13, 2013 minutes that deals with Mr. Mitchell and an undisclosed person answering questions regarding school documents and district procedures.\" I don\'t see any reason for the name of the other person (i.e. the person other than Mr. Mitchell) to have been redacted from these minutes. Records Requested: Another copy of the October 13, 2013 executive minutes, but with the above referenced, redacted name disclosed or with a better explanation of why it is being redacted.




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