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December 13, 2013 Gerald A. Buccafusco, TCA Hudson County Superior Court Administration Building 595 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07306 (via Fax only to 201-795-6603) Dear Trial Court Administrator Buccafusco: I just read the Appellate Division\'s decision in State v. R.W.H. (on-line here) that arose out of a Hudson County Family Part case bearing Docket No. FO-09-423-09. As noted by the Appellate Division, the conviction of and two-month jail sentence imposed against the defendant, \"who had just been awarded custody of his three children . . . amounted to a prejudicial abuse of discretion.\" I was astonished by the cavalier manner in which the trial judge conducted himself and would like to know the trial judge\'s name so that I can identify him in my blog. I recognize the Appellate Division\'s unfortunate policy of never identifying reversed judges in their opinions (while frequently identifying judges whose decisions are affirmed), but I believe that the public has a right to know the names of judges who conduct themselves in such a poor fashion. Enclosed is a Judiciary Request form that references this letter. Please consider this request under the common law right of access in addition to the right of access conferred by R.1:38. Records Requested: Any record, such a judgment of conviction, order for incarceration, which shows the identify of the judge who presided over the proceedings that resulted in R.W.H.\'s August 5, 2009 conviction. I understand that many Family Court records are confidential, so I just need one document, even if it has everything on it redacted except the caption of the case and the judge\'s name. Very truly yours,




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