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December 6, 2013 Todd J. Gelfand Barker Scott & Gelfand 1939 Marlton Pike E Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-4506 via e-mail to tgelfand@barkerlawfirm.net RE: Ainsley v. West Deptford Docket or Case No. GLO-L-1422-12 Dear Mr. Gelfand: On-line here is a December 6, 2013 letter from the West Deptford Clerk indicating that she could not provide me with the settlement agreement pertaining to the captioned matter because \"[n]o settlement has been reached.\" On-line here are screen shots from the Superior Court\'s ACMS System showing that the case \"settled\" in mediation on June 28, 2013. Since you were West Deptford\'s counsel on the case, I ask that you please check your records to see if there is a document that satisfies my request for this settlement agreement. Thank you very much. cc. Michelle Hack, Deputy Clerk mhack@westdeptford.com




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