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School Ethics Commission documents on Nutter\'s case are on-line here. Pages 1 through 4 comprise a \"complaint form\" filed by Nutter\'s family member who alleges that Nutter suggested that he could help her get a full time job with the Florence school district if the family member, who was executrix of the Nutter\'s deceased mother\'s estate, could give certain items of estate property to him. Pages 5 through 6 comprise the Ethics Commission\'s October 25, 2011 public meeting minutes. Those minutes reflect that the Commission discussed Nutter\'s case (i.e. Docket No. C35-10) during executive session and unanimously resolved \"to reject the proposed settlement recommending a penalty of reprimand and instead propose a penalty of censure.\" Pages 7 through 8 comprise the Commission\'s November 22, 2011 meeting minutes reflecting that C35-10 was again discussed in executive session and that afterwards the Commission unanimously resolved to \"accept the settlement with a recommended penalty of censure.\" Yet, if one searches the Commission\'s site (http://www.nj.gov/education/legal/ethics/index.html ) there is no listed of Nutter. Presumably, it will be made public on the site sometime in the future, but I believe that the public needs to know of these types of events as soon as possible.




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