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Paff v. Runnemede school board: Motion hearing December 16th

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Readers may recall that attorney Walter M. Luers and I filed a lawsuit in June against the Runnemede (Camden County) Board of Education in an attempt to learn exactly why the board gave former Business Administrator Kelly Brazelton a leave of absence from September 23, 2010 through April 15, 2011 while paying her a $99,465 annual salary. According to media reports at the time, the arrangement was made in order to stave off a lawsuit that Brazelton had apparently threatened to file. Brazelton has since been hired as assistant business administrator in the Deptford (Gloucester County) School District. The lawsuit is on-line at http://www.lpcnj.org/OGTF/2011163Uv/PaffvRunnemede.pdf The school board\'s and Brazelton\'s answer to the suit is on-line at Walter and I recently moved for summary judgment on the first count of our lawsuit. Summary judgment can be entered by a court when there are no serious factual disputes and that all that is needed is for a judge to apply the law to the undisputed facts of the case. The motion will be heard in Camden County Superior Court on Friday, December 16, 2011. Specifically, we are asking the court to order the board to provide a \"privilege log\" which explains and justifies each redaction it made to the minutes of its nonpublic (i.e. closed or executive) meetings held during the period when Brazelton\'s leave of absence was being considered. Unfortunately, the board redacted its minutes but gave only vague reasons for those redactions. We are also asking the court to order the board to file unredacted versions of its nonpublic meeting minutes with the court so that a judge can look at them privately (i.e. conduct an in camera review) to determine whether the redactions are proper. Our motion, certification and brief are on-line here. Members of public are welcome to attend the December 16, 2011 hearing on our motion. It will be held at the Camden County Courthouse, probably at 9 a.m before Assignment Judge Francis J. Orlando, Jr. Those who are interested in attending should check the court\'s website at http://njcourts.judiciary.state.nj.us/web1/ACMSPA/ a day or so before the hearing to ensure that it hasn\'t been postponed or cancelled. Refer to Paff v. Runnemede Board of Education, Camden County, Docket No. L-2865-11. John Paff, Chairman New Jersey Libertarian Party\'s Open Government Advocacy Project paff@pobox.com November 19, 2011




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New Jersey Libertarian Party Open Government Advocacy Project: Paff v. Runnemede school board: Motion hearing December 16th. November 20, 2011.
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