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Records Request to Wrightstown

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Background: The documents referred to in this request are contained within an eight page PDF file which is on-line here: Those records, which were received in response to my recent records request show: a) that Wrightstown Mayor Thomas Harper, in Section II:D his 2011 Financial Disclosure Statement, reported that he has a business interest in M & T, Inc. In Section II:A of the same report, he indicates that M & T, Inc. uses \"Tom\'s Service Center\" as a trade name. The voucher also a signature that apparently reads \"Thomas E. Harper\" and indicates that he is the \"owner\" of \"Tom\'s Service Center.\" b) that the Borough of Wrightstown purchases fuel and vehicle repairs from \"Tom\'s Service Center.\" c) that for diesel fuel purchased through \"Tom\'s Service Center,\" Wrightstown is paying per gallon between $3.549 (see 09/01/11 invoice) and $3.819 (see 09/19/11). These records show that the Borough\'s mayor owns, or at least has a business interest in, a vendor from which the Borough purchases fuel and vehicle repair services. They also show that the Borough is paying significantly higher prices for its diesel fuel than those set forth on the Treasury Department\'s \"New Jersey Contract Fuel and Gas Prices\" list which is on-line at http://www.state.nj.us/cgi-bin/treasury/purchase/fuel/fuelsearch.pl?fueltype=hfd For example, that list shows the September 19, 2011 price per gallon for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel to be $3.087 as opposed to the $3.819 rate the Borough paid on the same date. Of course, the state contract prices reflect costs without state and federal tax and the prices charged by \"Tom\'s Service Center\" presumably are the pump prices that include the tax. But even if this is true, an additional question is raised as to why the Borough is paying state and federal taxes on its fuel. My experience with other government entities shows that they typically use a service, such as Wright Express\" whose invoices automatically subtract out the vast majority of the taxes from which municipal agencies are exempt. I\'m interested in knowing how much money the Borough pays \"Tom\'s Service Center\" on an annual basis, whether these purchases conform to proper bidding practices, whether the mayor\'s financial interest in \"Tom\'s Service Center\" constitutes a conflict of interest and the identify of the Borough\'s auditor. Records Requested: 1. A computer run from the Borough\'s financial software showing the amount of money paid to \"Tom\'s Service Center\" from January 1, 2010 through to current date. 2. All contracts between the Borough and \"Tom\'s Service Center\" or \"M & T, Inc.\" that cover the period from January 1, 2010 through to current date. 3. All resolutions authorizing the purchase of goods and services from \"Tom\'s Service Center\" or \"M & T, Inc.\" from January 1, 2010 through to current date. 4. All solicitations seeking bids or quotes from other vendors of fuel and motor vehicle repair services. 5. The cover letter, report and list of recommendations contained the Borough\'s most recently prepared audit report.




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New Jersey Libertarian Party Open Government Advocacy Project: Records Request to Wrightstown. November 02, 2011.
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